Steve Conner - Magic Man of many experiences in life and work

In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Connie is one of those people. She is well known for her ability to set up Quality Systems, work toward strategic objectives and work with cross functional teams.
Throughout the time I've known her, she has shown me that she is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential. Her knowledge of Quality Control/Regulated Systems, leadership and getting others to work together using lean principles are among many qualities that she brings to any organization. It is my pleasure to recommend her to any organization that seeks superior quality.

Edgar Pigott - Manufacturing Lean Management Expert

Connie is the consummate quality professional. She has a deep passion for continuous improvement. With her expert-level Lean skills, she was able to create great positive change within Decision Sciences. Connie was a great teammate who I could rely upon to provide full support of manufacturing operations. I recommend Connie to any organization that is serious about improving their operations.

Kip Dodge - Man of many talents from Artist to Technical Engineering Leader

Connie is an exceptionally talented Quality Management Professional. She is certified in, an advocate of and well practiced in the application of lean manufacturing, sigma six and project management guidelines and principles. 
She has acquired years of practical experience both in quality engineering and management; which is realized further by applying her substantial skills with Quality Management Systems (QMS) principles and processes. Combined with a broad base of high technical knowledge and an attitude toward making continuous improvement a reality; makes her a real asset for any organization. 
It is a pleasure to work together because of her warm open personality, inquisitive nature, and positive enthusiasm.